• #reviveDTLA: Live, Work and Play in DTLA

    Downtown Los Angeles is rocking a new look and a new name — DTLA. (Photo: Rosa Trieu/Neon Tommy)

  • Delivering a New Downtown

    How two generations of Las Vegas leaders are reshaping the heart of the city. Web Design — Coding. (Photo: Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

  • Danissa Colombana, Female Kickboxer

    One female kickboxer talks about breaking down gender boundaries in a primarily male-dominated sport. (Photo: Melissah Yang)

  • Food Lines and Poverty in South L.A.

    An infographic examining how South L.A.’s high unemployment rate, which is five points higher than the national rate, is making it difficult for residents to put food on the table. Read the full story here. (Photo: Melissah Yang/Intersections South L.A.)

  • What Percent Are You?

    News coverage of the 2012 presidential election revealed a trend of using percentages to make claims about different groups of people in the United States. But one person can cross over into multiple categories based on race, economic status and religious beliefs. So, what percent are you?