• Why “How High” Still Outsmokes Other Stoner Films

    Two tokes up for the cult classic, going strong 13 years later.

  • “Noah” Film Review

    “Darren Aronofsky’s fantasy epic ‘Noah’ (2014) reimagines scripture, giving a different take on the familiar tale, but the film leaves you a bewildered castaway, shipwrecked in the director’s overly ambitious mind.”

  • “Divergent” Film Review

    “…the rest of the youngsters is like a Mickey Mouse Reject Club of forgettable faces. While the book adds color and depth to Tris’ friends and rivals, the film never fully explains why the audience should care when one shows an act of bravery and another commits an act of betrayal.“

  • “The Grand Budapest Hotel” Film Review

    “…that’s the point of all Anderson films: to push the line of what the audience accepts as realism so whimsy can flourish without the sacrifice of real emotions and real characters.”

  • “The Monuments Men” Film Review

    “‘The mission was never designed to succeed,’ Stokes says to his dejected men. And apparently neither was the film.”

  • Gramatik At The Wiltern: Review

    Gramatik’s music is about having an experience, like a late-night car ride down Pacific Coast Highway with your friends, listening to music with the windows down as you search for a great ham and cheese croissant. (Photo: Melissah Yang/Neon Tommy)